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Art in Public

The first Art In Public project is already underway. David Lichtenwalter and Kellen Conrad have been working on an interactive visual installation to be tested for the first time during the opening of the Momentum Show at Living Arts. This is just a small test of the technology that allows a person to “write or draw” with a laser pointer on a projected surface in real time. This first attempt is a smaller version that David is using as a beta test. The idea is to re-create the installation at a larger scale at one of the higher pedestrian traffic areas of Tulsa and use the piece to interact with on-lookers, give them a chance to “play” with the piece and promote ADCT. Please feel free to contact us if you want to be involved in our Art In Public group or want more details about upcoming events.

Have an event you’d like to share? We need the details. You know, the what – when -where – how much, maybe a photo for us visual kids, and we’ll help you spread the word via a post on this page.

Sound good to you? Alright, feel free to email us at info (at) whenever you’re ready.

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