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A Recap of our Event with Jay Ryan

So we had Jay Ryan come to Tulsa and spend some time with us last month. Before he spoke at Living Arts Gallery, we had lunch, had some laughs, and discussed the act destroying other people’s cars on the streets of Chicago if they so happened to steal a parking spot that someone else dug out of the snow. Apparently its a thing. Then we went to Dwelling Spaces (where Jay’s work is still on display until April 14) and Jay met with fans and signed autographs on other bits of The Bird Machine memorabilia.

We were so fortunate to hear him speak about his career as a screen-printer and poster maker. He is basically the current Godfather of rock poster printing and design. His knowledge was and is invaluable. He spoke about his early influences such as Joseph Cornell and how he stalked his future wife while pursuing his undergraduate degree. He told us where baby bicycles come from and how he incorporated screen-printing to deal with the buffalo infestation that was destroying the roof of his garage.

Hopefully, we will have Jay back to Tulsa, but for the time being, if you missed the event, you will have to live without knowing the deepest secrets about life that he shared only with folks that attended the event.

Check his work and what the Bird Machine is all about here, and don’t miss out on another bad ass event we have tonight, March 20, with Ryan Sievert of IDEO in Chicago. We promise it will be worth your while.

Graphex 44 Recap

Thank you to everyone who participated in Graphex 44. We had a great turnout, and a great time. Jakub Hartleib kicked the night off with beautiful (and delicious) food, while Mark Kuykendall set the mood with some chill vibes. Guests strolled through our makeshift gallery of winners, a truly inspiring showing.

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Graphex 44: May 16, 2013

We know how hard you’ve been working this year, the level of design submitted for Graphex proves it. So take a night off to celebrate a job well done, and join us for an epic party. The best part? A majority of the night’s proceeds go to future designers via our scholarship prizes. This year, Graphex is more than a design show – it’s a celebration of the arts.


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Petrula Vrontikis Event Recap

Another speaker series is over, and we definitely ended on a high note. Petrula Vrontikis was beyond amazing, many commenting that she was our most inspiring speaker this season – maybe even for the past few years. And though we can’t possibly transcribe all her wisdom here, we have amassed a brief list of highlights.


Thank you, sponsors!

Our 2012-2013 season would not have been the same without our wonderful season sponsors! Winston, current ADCT President, took a moment to thank Western Printing, Clampitt Paper, and QuikPrint. They have all supplied so much support behind the scenes; a lot of work goes into planning and running our events. Special thanks also to the event sponsor Mohawk paper, who showed up with a collection of uber-cool paper samples.


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Petrula Vrontikis

Art Director’s Club of Tulsa is ending another great year of speakers on a high note. Petrula Vrontikis will be at Living Arts Thursday, April 18th. Members, don’t forget to use your two guest passes! Bring all your colleagues and friends out to see Petrula, a truly inspiring designer. She has been an influence in the field for decades, and her work has earned her numerous awards and a permanent spot in the Library of Congress. For an overview of Petrula and what to expect Thursday night, read on.




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March Round-Up


Our monthly round-up features design news & highlights from the past month, along with a list of upcoming competitions and events.


ADCT Guest Speaker, Petrula Vrontikis – April 18th

Our last speaker for the season hails from LA, and has been considered a leader in the industry for more than 20 years. Petrula Vrontikis is the creative director and owner of Vrontikis Design Office, professor at the Art Center College of Design, and author of acclaimed book, inspiration=ideas. Mark your calendars now, this will be a great presentation.


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Graphex 44: Exposure

For those of us who believe creativity is the kryptonite to mediocrity, for those of us who endlessly strive for greatness, for the ultimate idea. And for those of us that crave the struggle of the creative process. It’s time for some exposure.


Graphex is approaching once again, and this one’s going to be good. We’ve booked a killer location for the awards show, confirmed the judges, and now all we need is your art. The deadline is looming; enter today! Not convinced? Keep reading for details on how and why you should enter.

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Ten Lessons from Kit Hinrichs

After almost 50 years in the business, Mr. Hinrichs had a wealth of advice on his presentation here in Tulsa. Below are some highlights, ten lessons from Kit Hinrichs.

Special thanks to our event sponsor Sappi, for the cool paper sample books designed by Hinrichs himself! Be sure to share your thoughts on Kit’s presentation in the comments below. What did you learn? What were your favorite words of wisdom?


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Kit Hinrichs

Kit Hinrichs is a major force in the design world. He is an AIGA Medal winner, former partner at the ever-influential Pentagram, and founder of his own Studio Hinrichs. His list of accomplishments is impressive, but admittedly a very long read. So instead we present to you: the top five reasons you should hear Mr. Hinrichs speak. But believe us, there are plenty more.


1) One word: Pentagram.

Pentagram has long been recognized as a leading design firm. They constantly churn out award-winning work and designers. So it’s no small feat that Kit Hinrichs drew their attention with his own firm, then partnered with Pentagram for 23 years. It started when Kit paired up with three others, opening a branch of their Jonson, Pedersen, Hinrichs & Shakery firm in San Francisco. Pentagram teamed up with Hinrichs to make this studio into the Pentagram West Coast branch. When Kit felt the time was right, he founded his own firm: Studio Hinrichs.


2) Collector’s Item

There’s something to be said for the avid collector. It shows a focus and a passion from deep within. And it just so happens that Kit Hinrichs is one of those passionate collectors. His biggest collection is of American flags and other “Stars and Stripes” memorobilia, which have been featured in a number of books and galleries.


3) “Time Bridges”

Kit is always on top of trends because he stays inspired. One thing that keeps Kit going is seeing how everything comes back to design. Owen Edwards said, “Kit talks about ‘time bridges’ that constantly connect his past lives with his present work. Everything—his Boy Scout merit badges, old Popular Mechanics magazines that he reads as a kid with their ‘little columns of stuff,’ even the King James Bible ‘red letter’ edition with important passages in red—comes into play today.”* We’re all hoping Kit explains these “time bridges” in more detail, to clue us in on how he stays inspired.


4) War Stories

According to the Studio Hinrichs blog, Kit will be covering “case studies, personal projects, war stories and professional tips from his 40 plus years in the field.”  This alone should be reason enough.


5) It’s Why We’re Here

Kit Hinrichs is a prime example for  why Art Director’s Club of Tulsa exists. We want you to stay inspired, in the know, and in the loop. Come out to Living Arts and do just that. We’ll see you there Thursday, March 28 2013 at 6:30 (talk starts at 7:30, don’t miss it). You’ll also want to visit with our amazing event sponsors, Sappi.


Update 3/26: Cost to see this amazing designer? Only $25 for not-yet members, and $10 for students. Members get in free!


*Original source, “Hunter Gatherer,” Profile Pentagram Design, Phaidon, 2004. Found on the AIGA profile for Kit Hinrichs, here: